Our Commitment to Safety- COVID-19 Update

We Are Open! Video Image Placeholder   We are so excited to welcome you all back for your oral health needs! We have missed our amazing families and their smiling faces. We have appreciated your patience and understanding in this process and we encourage you to schedule your future appointments […]

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4min Exercise to Boost Your Immunity

Nitric Oxide Dump Exercise Looking for a great workout during this time that helps boost your immunity? Come join Dr. Lynda, Dr. Krystle, Dr. Traci Jones, Maria and Ethan in the Nitric Oxide Dump exercise below!

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What Is Sedation Dentistry?

As a parent, it’s natural for you to feel anxious and protective of your children. When it’s time for dental procedures for your kids, these feelings are heightened. You can counter this anxiety by learning more about the treatments and how to prepare for them. Sedation dentistry is frequently used […]

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Family Dentistry: 6 Best Tips for Kids

You want to help your child come home with that perfect attendance ribbon at the end of the quarter. Did you know a major part of keeping your son or daughter in school is taking care of their oral hygiene? At Ashburn Children’s Dentistry, we believe good dental hygiene practices […]

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How Often Should I Take My Child to Get Dental Cleanings?

As a parent, you have a number of obligations, and one of them is to make sure that your children stay healthy. In a world laden with poor health habits, you tend to worry, and you do want to make sure that you take your children to get their dental […]

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Cavity Prevention Tips for Kids

As most medical professionals will tell you, teeth are one of the most important features to a developing child. Healthy teeth encourage smiling, thoroughly chewing food in preparation for digestion, and other benefits. These things work to make your child as bright and healthy as he or she should be. […]

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Should Children Use Mouthwash?

After you brush your teeth, you probably reach for that bottle of mouthwash on the bathroom counter. Once you have children, you should place a strong emphasis on their dental hygiene. Failure to do so can have serious consequences for them later on. Yet proper oral hygiene for kids is […]

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importance of oral hygiene

Learn More About the Importance of Oral Hygiene for Kids

Many parents don’t twice about the importance of oral hygiene for their children. Their teeth are falling out anyway, so what’s the point? This is a dangerous mindset to have. Oral health habits should be taught to children early. Those habits will be honed and continue when they’re adults. If […]

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How Sedation Dentistry Can Help Kids in Ashburn

Children in Ashburn need to visit the dentist, even if it’s just for check-ups. But the day comes for many kids when they need to get a procedure done. There are a number of children who find the prospect of a dental procedure utterly terrifying. Other children are simply jumpy, […]

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what causes gum disease

What Causes Gum Disease in Kids?

As a parent, the health of your child is one of the most important things. Gum disease can start out as a simple enough problem but quickly turn into more serious issues if left untreated. Let’s look at what causes gum disease, as well as the symptoms, so you can […]

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