A father and son flossing their teeth together after brushing

Should Kids Floss Before or After Brushing?

Flossing is one of the most important oral hygiene practices you can teach your child. If you want your child to have healthy teeth and a healthy smile, you can’t overlook the importance of flossing.  We sometimes get a question from parents about whether their kids should be flossing before […]

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A kid having her teeth with braces get checked by a dentist

A Guide On How to Brush Teeth with Braces

When your child gets braces, there is a lot to keep track of!  Orthodontia means extra appointments, new rules about what not to eat, and important changes to your child’s oral hygiene routines.  Helping your child maintain healthy oral hygiene habits while they wear their braces is such an important […]

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A parent checking her daughter’s teeth for tooth decay and its effects

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay and its Effects

Even though your child’s first set of teeth will eventually fall out and be replaced with adult teeth, it is still so important to take care of those baby teeth! Children can experience tooth decay, cavities, oral pain, bad breath, a lack of confidence, and additional medical interventions due to […]

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A child in the outdoors with her thumb on her mouth

Thumb Sucking: How It Affects Kids’ Teeth

Thumb sucking is a common childhood habit that usually starts in infancy. Pediatricians estimate that about 75% of newborn infants suck their thumbs, and some continue thumb sucking into childhood. In the US, the majority of children who stuck their thumbs will stop on their own, without any intervention, between […]

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A baby showing baby teeth

6 Tips for Parents When Your Baby Is Teething

Teething is no fun! When the baby is teething, everybody has to deal with it.  You might find yourself feeling pretty desperate when you’re dealing with a teething baby because it can feel impossible to alleviate their pain. It’s hard to watch your baby suffer, but there are tips parents […]

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A baby girl learning to brush her teeth

How Long Should Kids Brush Their Teeth?

Comprehensive dental care is an essential part of a child’s health. From the day that an infant’s first tooth erupts, parents can reinforce healthy dental hygiene habits, including brushing teeth.  The length of time that a child should brush their teeth is 2-3 minutes, at least twice a day. Of […]

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A beautiful girl puts a dental retainer on her teeth.

21st Century: How Pediatric Dentistry Has Evolved

Do you ever wonder what would have happened if your child had a cavity in the Middle Ages? Tooth extraction was the name of the game well into the 19th century. Unfortunately for those living in medieval times, there weren’t true medical surgeons of any type. In fact, Barbers doubled […]

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Dentist with a child doing dental treatment

The Parent’s Ultimate Guide to Dental Sealants

Any dentist will tell you — regular brushing and flossing are the best ways to ensure your child has healthy teeth. But what if these two things aren’t enough? Despite having good habits, some kids still end up with tooth decay and cavities. You and your child haven’t done anything […]

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Artwork depicting a smiling face with braces, made from rocks, a pair of glasses, and other art supplies.

7 Surprising Consequences of Teeth Crowding in Kids

Crooked teeth in children have consequences that go beyond how straight their pearly whites are. Addressing crowded teeth won’t just help you save your child from feeling self-conscious about their appearance, but it can also improve their health down the line.  Adults can look to themselves as examples. If you’ve […]

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A father and child in matching buffalo plaid pajamas sit on the bathroom counter, smiling at each other as they both brush their teeth.

8 Creative Ways to Help Your Child Brush Their Teeth

Many parents dread getting their children to brush their teeth. Sometimes, it comes down to convincing them by any means necessary, which might include a bribe, trick, negotiation tactic, or simply begging and pleading.  We have a few fun kid hacks for oral health to the rescue. These easy tips […]

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