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Tooth Colored Fillings in Ashburn, VA

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Do Not Delay to Fill Decay

Did you know tooth decay can actually spread from one tooth to another? When tooth decay is discovered, it is important to remove the cavity and fill in the area as soon as possible to prevent the decay from spreading and causing more damage. Come see our dentists at Ashburn Children’s Dentistry right away for laser fillings in.

No More Noisy Drills and Painful Shots!

Laser Fillings

As leading pediatric dentists our team provides minimally invasive laser fillings. Lasers use light energy to selectively remove decayed tooth structure while leaving healthy areas intact! No more noisy drills. Laser dentistry is so gentle, it greatly reduces the need for anesthetic. No more having a numb tongue for hours or worrying about kids chewing on their lips and cheeks.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Our composite resin is tooth-colored for a strong bond and natural look. We can restore small to medium sized cavities, repair fractured teeth due to injury or trauma, improve imperfections in the smile, or even change the size and shape of the teeth. Your children will enjoy natural, healthy, and beautiful smiles with laser dentistry and composite fillings.

Benefits of Composite Fillings Include:

In cases where decay has destroyed a significant amount of your child’s tooth structure, or a broken tooth cannot be repaired by normal fillings, we also offer natural-looking tooth-colored crowns and Lumineers®. Our dentists can discuss the best option for your child during your visit.

Dr. Lynda Dean-Duru has been practicing as a pediatric dentist for more than 20 years and provides our patients with laser fillings. She has a passion for creating smiles for the whole family and is renowned throughout the community for her work both in and out of the office.

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