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Dentist Digital X-Rays for Kids in Ashburn, VA

Ashburn Children’s Dentistry uses digital dental X-rays to identify hidden problems with your little ones’ teeth. Digital X-rays give us immediate feedback we can discuss with you during your child’s appointment.

X-rays allow us to detect cavities and infections that are not visible to the naked eye. Once your child’s baby teeth start touching each other, it is no longer possible to view the entire tooth. Digital X-rays allow us to view the entire tooth and the structure inside. 

The staff at Ashburn Children’s Dentistry approaches the X-ray process just like we do everything else in our practice: with empathy, information, and care. 

There are 6 different kinds of digital X-rays dentists may use:

We most frequently use bitewing and panoramic X-ray methods.

Bitewing X-Rays

A bitewing X-ray allows our dentist to view any decay in the tooth, whether that is above or beneath the gumline. They can be preventative in order to get a baseline for dental health, or they can be used as a diagnostic tool for a child who is complaining of tooth pain or discomfort. 

These X-rays are great for kids because they are conducted right from the dentist’s chair. Your child bites down on a film and we bring a small X-ray camera right up to their cheek.

Panoramic X-Rays

Panoramic X-rays create a single image of your child’s entire mouth. We use panoramic X-Rays less frequently than bitewing, but panoramic X-rays are still an important tool. 

First, this kind of X-ray helps us to evaluate how your child is growing and developing. Next, we can identify any missing teeth, unwanted growths, and lesions. 

For these X-rays, your child stands at an X-ray unit while the camera rotates in a half circle across their face. The hardest part is standing still for 12 seconds!

A child having a dental xray procedure

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Dental X-Rays

If you have questions about the use of X-rays in your child’s dental care, you are not alone! Parents and guardians want to do what is best for their kids, and that includes learning more about all medical and dental procedures they will experience. 

When Are Digital X-Rays Needed?

Digital X-rays are necessary when your child’s back baby teeth begin to touch one another. At that point, we need a new way to examine the whole tooth. 

Some children may need to get X-rays even sooner. The American Dentistry Association recommends that children who are at high risk for tooth decay should be X-rayed every six months. They should also start receiving bitewing X-rays as soon as a problem is identified, even if they are younger than the average patient. 

Are Digital Dental X-Rays for Kids Necessary?

Comprehensive dental care is necessary — and digital dentistry X-rays are a requirement for comprehensive care. 

Some of the reasons why we need dental X-rays include: 

Without digital X-rays, we simply cannot get the full picture of your child’s dental health. 

How Safe Are Digital Dental X-Rays for Kids?

The American Dentist’s Association (ADA) makes recommendations regarding what level of radiation exposure is reasonable and safe for kids when it comes to dental X-rays. These decisions are made with cooperation from the FDA.

On the one hand, the radiation exposure that comes from dental x-rays is only a minor contributor to the overall radiation exposure that children receive from both natural and human-made sources. 

On the other hand, we as pediatric dentists believe we have a responsibility to limit our patients’ exposure to radiation. We always discuss the risks and benefits of dental X-rays with our patients and their parents or guardians. 

Digital X-rays are widely understood to be a safe, effective, and necessary part of pediatric dentistry. Nonetheless, we are committed to never conducting unnecessary or frivolous X-rays. Your child will only be X-rayed when there is an important reason to do so. 

What to Expect for Your Child’s Digital Dental X-Rays

We have been serving families in the Ashburn, Virginia area for nearly 20 years. In that time, we have received numerous awards and commendations. Those awards remind us of the value of compassionate, comprehensive care. 

We know that many parents and children have had negative experiences at the dentist’s office. One of our most important goals is to help you and your family come to view dentistry as a safe experience that doesn’t cause any stress or anxiety. 

In fact, many of our patients are actually excited about coming to see us for their check-ups, cleanings, and other dental needs. 

X-Ray Treatments at Ashburn Children’s Dentistry

Before we conduct any X-rays, we will discuss the process with you and your child. We want you and your child to be fully informed and comfortable with each step of the process!

X-rays are painless, but they can be scary to kids if they don’t know what is going on. We perform X-rays in a way that invites children to be a part of the process. 

Because we use digital X-rays instead of film, we have the results immediately. If we discover any concerns from your child’s X-rays, we will discuss them with you and answer all of your questions. 

Compassionate Dental X-Rays for Children in Ashburn, Virginia

Dr. Lynda, Dr. Krystle, and all the staff at Ashburn Children’s Dentistry are proud of the work we do to provide a safe and welcome environment to all of our patients. 

Digital X-rays are an essential part of your child’s overall dental health. Do you have more questions about the X-rays our practice performs? Are you looking for a pediatric dentistry practice that will help make taking X-rays easy (and maybe fun)? 

Contact our offices to speak with a dental expert or to schedule an appointment. 

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