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Our Why…Childhood Smiles to Healthy Lifestyles

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Your child’s lifelong journey to optimal whole-body health and wellness starts at Ashburn Children’s Dentistry. For almost 20 years, we’ve been honored to be one of Northern Virginia’s most awarded practices, and we were most recently voted 2019 Northern Virginia’s Top Dentist. At Ashburn Children’s Dentistry, we believe that every kid deserves an amazing smile that instills confidence for life, while setting them up for long-lasting health.

Unlike conventional dentistry practices, we go beyond standard fillings and orthodontic work, and ask WHY? Your teeth tell a story; they are the windows to your health. We look for the story the teeth tell us about your child’s health, using a comprehensive integrative approach to address the root cause of issues that can potentially lead to a multitude of developmental health concerns.

We practice from the heart – delivering outstanding, customized dental care to create an experience that exceeds each patient’s expectations from the moment they walk through the door. We are authoritative leaders in pediatric dentistry utilizing lasers and other advanced technologies. Through education and collaboration, we help parents commit to a wellness journey that focuses on proactive prevention and conservative actions that prioritize overall health at each stage of development.

We also believe that getting dental treatment and other types of care should never be a scary experience! That’s why we deliver care in a fun, loving, non-threatening environment where both children and parents feel appreciated by our well-trained staff on their healing journey.

We love growing with our young patients and we feel honored when parents cheerfully refer us to their friends and family.

We welcome you to explore your wellness journey with us!

Explore Our Practice

Get to know all about Ashburn Children’s Dentistry! Our world-class approach to caring for children sets up apart from traditional pediatric dental offices.

We welcome you to learn more about the people, attitudes, goals, and services that make our practice so uniquely suited to providing high-quality pediatric dentistry. Our experienced dentists and highly trained team are devoted to ensuring each patient receives outstanding care and a healthy, beautiful smile.

Explore the sections below to learn more about each aspect of Ashburn Children’s Dentistry:

Mission Statement

At Ashburn Children’s Dentistry, we practice from the heart—delivering outstanding customized pediatric dental care to create an experience that exceeds each patient’s expectations in every area of contact. We are authoritative leaders in pediatric dentistry utilizing lasers and other advanced technology, while providing education and resources to parents, patients, and affiliated healthcare providers.

Our work is both fun and exciting. Our energized, talented, and educated team members come together like family to create a comfortable, positive, nurturing, and safe environment that yields a sense of personal fulfillment, joy, and pride. We are committed to mutual respect, clear communication, and teamwork.

We help our patients commit to focusing on prevention for the sake of their overall health. When treated by Ashburn Children’s Dentistry, patients attain optimal health and cheerfully refer us to their friends and family.

Simply put: Our mission at Ashburn Children’s Dentistry is to treat the reasons why dental and health issues occur, thus preventing dental problems and illness later on by Growing Healthy Faces and developing optimal physiologic airways and breathing patterns as early as possible.

Childhood Memories Are Turned into Healthy Lifestyles—All Aboard for Healthy Smiles!

Meet Our Team

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Our coaches and educators are bonded in their commitment to serving our patients and their families–this starts with helping every family feel welcome and at home during their visits. The service we provide is energetic and fun to maintain a positive atmosphere and experience for every patient.

Our experienced team members are educated as registered dental assistants and maintain their skills through seminars and continuing education. Our team members’ skills complement those of our pediatric dentists. For instance, our Administrative Coach is a certified lactation counsellor who enjoys helping nursing moms achieve easy, painless breastfeeding that enhances bonding. With the support and guidance of our team, children and parents receive thoughtful care that boosts health and confidence.

Pamela – Administrative Support

Pamela has been working in dentistry since she joined our team in 2011. She has a master’s degree in astrophysics with minors in climate studies and English. Pamela has completed the curriculum for airway treatment from Obstructive Sleep Airway University. Her favorite part of the job is helping people and bringing them cheer. Outside of work, she is interested in political science, astronomy, and aerospace education through NASA. A member of the NYPD Auxiliary, she believes in fighting for what is right, forgiving others, and doing Jesus’ work the best way she can. She volunteers with many organizations, including the Civil Air Patrol. She likes to help elect politicians who care for people. She is passionate about causes including environmental protection, child abuse, senior citizen rights, and veterans and soldiers.

Ethan – Myofunctional Therapist

Ethan has been involved in dentistry and also part of our team since 2011. He is certified in CPR and in radiation health and safety through the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB). He has completed advanced studies in myofunctional orthodontics, Myobrace®, and Invisalign®. He has completed the curriculum for treatment of pediatric sleep apnea from Obstructive Sleep Airway University. Ethan enjoys working with kids and knowing that their experiences at our office will help them see the dentist office as a fun place rather than a scary one. His hobbies include listening to all kinds of music and anything that gives you a thrill!

Patricia, OMS – Myofunctional Therapist

Patricia is a trained dentist with more than 20 years of experience who joined our team in 2006. She completed the sleep and airway treatment curriculum from Obstructive Sleep Airway University. She has also completed advanced training in the Myobrace® and ALF appliances. She recently graduated as a Certified Specialist in Orofacial Myology from the Graduate School of Behavioral Sciences. Patricia’s favorite part of the job is working with kids and learning new techniques all the time. Her hobbies include biking and playing tennis.

Gabby – Dental Assistant

Gabby has been employed in dentistry since 2018 and she joined our team in 2019. She loves the art of dentistry and working with kids in our relaxed and fun environment. She is excited to learn more about helping children grow up healthy and avoid health issues, especially sleep apnea. Her interests outside of work include church and drawing.

My son was immediately charmed by the staff & extremely kid-friendly lobby (we even had to stay after his appointment to play a while longer). They were not judgmental at all, & gave my son encouragement to brush longer by giving him a timer. What he didn’t notice (but what really impressed me) was the cutting edge technology they use. We will be here for the long-term. Thank you Antonio, Amy, & Dr. Dean-Duru!

cody feenan

January 13, 2021


Office Tour

Welcome to Ashburn Children’s Dentistry! Explore our kid-friendly office by taking a virtual tour:

Cutting-Edge Technology

We utilize advanced dental technology to provide superior care while improving patient comfort both during and after treatment. Explore our state-of-the-art technology and learn how each system helps us deliver dental services of uncompromised quality and exceptional results. This technology allows us to create the healthy smiles we are known for!

Advanced Technology

Parents Have the Last Word…

Check out what our patients and their parents have to say about their experiences at Ashburn Children’s Dentistry! Explore online ratings and reviews collected from top online platforms to learn more about the reasons patients love our practice so much.


Ashburn Children’s Dentistry is proud to be an award-winning practice. Our dentists and renowned dental practice have been recognized with several prestigious awards for excellence—take a look!

Community Outreach

At Ashburn Children’s Dentistry, we pride ourselves on being a beacon of the community. We are happy to serve all of our loyal and valued patients in Ashburn, and our dentists love giving back to the community and supporting multiple charities and causes, including:

Career Opportunities

Join our team! For those interested in working at Ashburn Children’s Dentistry, we welcome you to explore the open positions we have posted to our career opportunities page.

Career Opportunities

Our Blog

Get up-to-date information about a wide range of important topics by visiting our pediatric dentistry blog! Posts are devoted to examining the latest treatments, technology, and trends in the field, as well as answering common questions about pediatric dental care.


Begin your child’s journey to wellness by scheduling a discovery session at Ashburn Children’s Dentistry!

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