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The Importance of Children Dentistry in Ashburn

Deciduous teeth are vulnerable to a wide range of problems that can be caused by diet, habits and other factors, which is why children dentistry is so important. Children should receive annual dental exams and cleanings to ensure proper development and maintenance of milk teeth. Call us today to learn more about children dentistry!

A licensed pediatric dentist is trained to diagnose common complications in young patients. Our expert uses relatively simple technology and traditional tools to examine and evaluate primary teeth, gums, and soft tissue. A visual inspection might be sufficient to detect any decay or dental caries. Discoloration of the enamel is a major indicator of unhealthy baby teeth, which could be treated relatively easily.

Since primary teeth eventually fall out, they aren’t heavily treated with expensive applications. Our pediatric dentist normally decides that perhaps it’s best to remove a tooth that already has severe decay. However, infections could spread deep into the gums and supporting tissue. After an extraction of a milk tooth, the empty socket must be disinfected and adjusted appropriately. It’s also a good idea to install a space maintainer that prevents adjacent teeth from moving out of place.

Children in their early teens are proper candidates for complex dental procedures that require multiple visitations. For example, a root canal could be done to a permanent tooth that has infections and decay in the pulp and roots. Premolars and molars could be saved by a proper root canal that eliminates bacterial accumulation and other unsanitary debris deep in the structure of a tooth. Since they’re relatively thin and lightweight, incisors and canines are unlikely to get destroyed by decay. However, the enamel on any tooth is equally vulnerable to deterioration from acidic byproducts. Most food particles and beverages can be broken down into acids by oral bacteria. It’s critical for children to routinely brush and floss the teeth to prevent too much accumulation of acids on the teeth. A potent mouthwash can also eliminate any bacterial layers on the tongue and inside the cheeks.

Children in the United States might have some bad habits in terms of oral hygiene and dental health. For example, chewing gum on a daily basis can lead to long-term problems with the teeth, tongue, and gums. The chewing motion might disrupt the proper eruption of permanent teeth, particularly the canines and incisors. Even sugar-free gum could contain some ingredients that are harmful to the enamel.

In an effort to improvise, some kids use their mouths to open or hold things. For instance, a child may try to unscrew a tight cap from a bottle or container. Such an action increases the risk of cracking and chipping of teeth. Similarly, biting on a hard piece of candy comes with a moderate risk of anatomical failure of teeth. Some treats are designed to gradually melt and diminish in size inside the mouth. However, impatient children may try to crush such a candy with a hard texture. Parents should carefully monitor the types of sweet items that children consume at home, school, social gatherings and other settings.

To learn more about the importance of children dentistry, call us today to schedule an appointment at Ashburn Children’s Dentistry!

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