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Saving Your Child’s Tooth with a Pulpotomy Procedure

Parents understand how important it is to take care of their children’s teeth. If one of their baby teeth is damaged by tooth decay, an infection can form rapidly. It is vitally important the tooth receives proper care. When a baby tooth has already become infected, root canal therapy is often the answer. This procedure, which is called a pulpectomy, involves the complete extraction of the infected pulp and inserting an inert filling. This ensures the baby tooth remains in place by keeping the outer shell intact but it can affect the growth of the adult tooth. Instead of a pulpectomy, it is often possible for a dentist to perform a similar option called a pulpotomy procedure.

The Pulpotomy Procedure

A pulpotomy procedure involves removing all the pulp within the tooth, including the pulp inside the roots of the tooth. This pulp usually requires more time to become infected than the pulp located inside the main tooth. When these tissues are still fairly healthy, they can be saved, and it is important that children have their original baby teeth as they help with structure and spacing of teeth as they develop. However, infected teeth cannot heal or improve without treatment, which is why a pulpotomy procedure can be critical to your child’s dental health.

Putting Kids First

We perform the pulpotomy procedure in the comfort of our office. The safety and comfort of your children is our priority, and we offer a variety of options to ensure they are relaxed during their visits. A consultation with our team is the best way to address all of the needs of your children and their teeth.

Our qualified team is lead by Dr. Lynda Dean-Duru and Dr. Anh Dang. Both of our doctors have been board-certified in the area of pediatric dentistry. Dr. Dean-Duru earned her certification from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, and Dr. Dang from the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.

To learn more about how your child could benefit from a pulpotomy procedure, contact us today at Ashburn Children’s Dentistry and schedule a consultation! Our team in Ashburn, Virginia, is here to help your family get the best, healthiest smiles. Contact us today!

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