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Why are Cavity Fillings Necessary?

Cavities are small holes in the teeth that form after a tooth has become permanently damaged. The decaying tooth is primarily caused by leftover food particles sitting in the mouth due to poor oral hygiene. This food starts to turn into bacteria over time, which begins to dissolve the enamel in the teeth. While cavities may seem like a major dental problem, almost everyone gets one at some point in their life. Luckily, they can easily be repaired with a dental filling. There are various reasons why cavity fillings are necessary for anyone suffering from a cavity.

Remove All Signs of Decay

Our dentist will clean out the damaged tooth before filling the cavity. This cleaning will remove all of the signs of decay from the mouth. If the cavity is not treated, then the tooth will only continue to decay. If the tooth continues to decay, then it can become abscessed. The infection causing the abscessed tooth can even move to other parts of the body. There is simply no reason to risk this possibly deadly infection when it so easy to get cavity fillings.

Protect Undamaged Teeth

It is never a good idea to keep bacteria in the mouth, so your child needs to get a cavity cleaned out as soon as possible. The bacteria causing the cavity can easily start to damage the other teeth. If the bacteria latches onto another tooth, then your child is going to have a serious problem that requires a major dental procedure. Your child’s teeth are extremely important, so you need to protect them like any other part of their body.

Maintain a Balanced Smile

Few things will make a smile look worse than missing a tooth. If your child does not get a cavity treated in a timely manner, then they will likely have to get the tooth removed. This will leave a huge hole in their smile until they can get it filled with an implant. All of this extra dental work can easily be avoided by getting a dental filling at the first sign of a cavity. The filling can even be made the same color of the other teeth to maintain a perfect smile.

Restore Function of the Tooth

Since cavities are caused by decaying holes in the tooth, they are often very painful. The pain will only get stronger when your child starts to eat or drink. Cavity fillings will instantly restore the function of the damaged teeth. Your child will no longer have to worry about enduring intense pain when they get hungry or thirsty.

Long Lasting Results

The final huge benefit of cavity fillings is the long lasting results. If your child gets their damaged tooth fixed with a filling, then they will be able to go many years without requiring further dental treatment.

At Ashburn Children’s Dentistry, Dr. Dean-Duru offers laser dentistry and composite cavity fillings to provide your child with comfortable and caring pediatric treatment. If your child needs a cavity filled, contact our office in Ashburn today to schedule your appointment.

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