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Dr. Dean-Duru and Dr. Dang: Children’s Dentists You Can Count On

When you have children, it is in your nature to give them the best care possible in all aspects of living. This includes dentistry. For children’s dentists you can count on, Dr. Dean-Duru and Dr. Dang at Ashburn Children’s Dentistry provide all the services necessary to make sure your child gets the best care from the very beginning.

Children’s dentists specialize in taking care of the oral health of children from the time of infancy through the teenage years. There are a number of stages through which young individuals go as they grow and develop that make it important to rely on a dentist with specialized knowledge and skills. For example, babies start to get their first teeth within the first half year of life. While they eventually end up with a full set of teeth, they start the process all over again by age 6 or 7 when they start to lose their baby teeth and replace them with their adult set. You will want a dentist who is able to provide top-quality care during each of these stages.

Our children’s dentists can identify any risk factors from infancy by beginning with an oral health exam. This allows for any potential problems to be addressed before they have a negative impact on your child’s health. Sleep disordered breathing is a problem that affects more children than you might think. It can happen when the dental arches are underdeveloped or are not positioned properly. Having the issue addressed early in life is critical, since there may be nothing that can be done to fix it by the time the patient becomes an adult. If your child shows signs of mouth breathing, restless sleep or snoring, you might want to seek an evaluation. These are just a few of the many symptoms. Dr. Dean-Duru or Dr. Dang can provide you with more detail.

You will clearly want your children to live an active life with adequate play time. Consequently, there will be those times when a fall or other impact to the mouth may result in a chipped tooth. Even though it may be a baby tooth, it still should be evaluated by one of our children’s dentists. That way, you will know whether it is something that needs to be fixed right away or something that you do not need to be concerned about.

If there are times when a tooth needs to be filled, you will want it done by someone who specializes in children’s care. Our specialists at Ashburn Children’s Dentistry know how to make your child relax as much as possible and reduce the fear factor that can sometimes be associated with a visit to the dentist.

Dr. Dean-Duru and Dr. Dang, along with the experienced members of their staff, can provide you with more detail on the services we offer in order to make sure your child has the best oral care available. Contact our office in Ashburn today to get started on effective pediatric dentistry for your child.

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