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Loudon County Chamber Of Commerce Small Business Awards

On Friday, November 6, 2015, More than 400 of Loudoun’s top business and community leaders were gathered to salute the best of Loudoun’s many outstanding small businesses.

We were honored as a Finalist for Service Business of the Year!!!

Check out some of the pictures below and Dr. Lynda Dean-Duru’s personal Thank You!!!

It is an honor and a privilege to be acknowledged as a service award finalist while standing on the backs of many people: My family, my daughter, Dr. Krystle who just became a Pediatric Dentist, Ms. Susan Seace and her family, my team members, and their families; and most of all, the Almighty God.

The Loudoun Chamber of Commerce has contributed immensely to my business education by providing me with many invaluable resources. And I thank them. As a young girl growing up in Africa, I always dreamed that I would be the one helping children just like the female dentist who helped my little brother out of pain at that time. For almost 20 years through many trials, travails, AND the total belief in the greatness of America, that dream and desire continue to drive us to greater heights.

The best day of my practice life was on March 17, 2012; our first Dentistry from the Heart event where our practice provided close to $50K worth of free dental treatment to over 140 kids. We volunteered our time and services, yet we felt our best. I sincerely believe that one’s life is not complete unless you add value and live in service to others.

We appreciate our patient families and Loudoun County as a whole for allowing us continue to be in service to them. I will conclude by paraphrasing Cher at the 1987 Oscars: “I know that this award does not mean I am somebody; but that I am on the way to becoming somebody”.

Until then, ALWAYS SMILE, IT’S who you are!  Thank you very much!

Dr. Lynda Dean-Duru on behalf of ACD TEAM:  Dr. Anh Dang, Dr. AJ Pope, Dr.Meeta Grewal, and Dr. Vani Takiar

Susan Seace, Stephanie Moore, Ryan Johnson, Ana Valderrama, Antonio Turner, Patricia Becerra, Cayleigh Smith, Francis Santos, Pammie Lewis, Ethan Kim, Navi Goraya, Kristine Videgar, Priscilla O, Claudette Keen, Lisette Pozo, Jessica Sayer, Kelly Gardner, Allison Bonilla, Sabrina Lambert, Katie Balagurchik, , Samantha Blair, Lindsey Doscotch, Tonya Budala, Nirvana T. Sabroso, Ashley Davis, Mohammad Tariq, and Morgan Bardsdale.

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