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Laser Dentistry: What We Offer

Laser dentistry is an innovative kind of dental care that is a minimally-invasive treatment for cavity treatment, gum surgery and other oral issues. We offer laser dentistry procedures to treat a variety of conditions, mainly related to gum disease.

Lasers are extremely concentrated beams of light that can be used to remove very small amounts of tissue due to overgrown tissue or to reshape the gums and whiten teeth. It is also a popular alternative for dental treatment of children who are afraid of going to the dentist’s office. People who are hypersensitive to Epinephrine or are taking aspirin or other blood thinners may be good candidates for laser dentistry.

Some of the main conditions we treat or services we offer with laser dentistry are:

The laser does not produce any vibrations during treatment. If you do need anesthesia, the amount may be less than for conventional drilling procedures. After laser surgery, the recovery time is smoother than after conventional gum surgery. Our specialist will give you instructions for after-care at home. Any irritation after the procedure may be minor.

We use two main types of lasers for laser dentistry. One is designed for hard tissue and one for soft tissue. They use different wavelengths because hard and soft tissue absorbs light differently. The innovation is that the lasers have been crafted with light waves that are compatible with mouth, cheek and throat tissue. Hard tissue lasers are mainly used on teeth and soft tissue lasers are used mainly on the gums. Hard tissue lasers are used for tooth sensitivity, detecting cavities and to prepare the teeth for fillings. Soft tissue lasers are mainly used to lengthen crowns, treat restricted tongue movement, reshape gums and remove folded tissue that is caused by removable dentures.

During a consultation with our specialist, your teeth and gums will be examined to determine if laser treatment is your best option. It is a gentle treatment that is quiet and less invasive than traditional oral surgery. Contact Ashburn Children’s Dentistry today to schedule your consultation!

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