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How Can Infant Frenectomy Help My Newborn Breastfeed

You have just experienced the miracle of birth and can finally hold your greatest gift in your arms. Nothing will make you happier than watching your baby thrive and grow. That’s why it is extremely upsetting to discover that your child is tongue-tied, making it difficult for your baby to breastfeed. A tongue-tie, in which a bit of tissue under the tongue (a frenum) is holding your baby’s tongue down, is a common condition. It makes it more difficult for your infant to latch on securely to your breast in order to get the vital nourishment that he or she needs. It can also make you extremely uncomfortable as well. The entire experience can be distressing to you and your baby, especially when your baby fails to gain weight the way that he or she should. An infant frenectomy could be the solution.

Understanding an Infant Frenectomy

An infant frenectomy is a simple procedure that can be performed right here in our office. Thanks to laser technology, the procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and will have you on your way in a short amount of time with your child. A soft tissue laser makes the procedure even easier on your infant as the tissue is vaporized with the use of a laser light. It causes little discomfort and minimal bleeding and sterilizes the site. As a result, infection is unlikely. The procedure itself stimulates the generation of healthy tissue. As a result, your baby’s mouth will heal quickly. Your infant’s tongue will be able to move freely, making nursing a much easier process for the both of you.

Why Choose an Infant Frenectomy?

Consider an infant frenectomy if you know that your baby’s tongue is pinned down by an excess bit of tissue. If your baby is having trouble feeding, an infant frenectomy can make a world of difference. It can also help your baby develop proper speech patterns as he or she gets older. Choose a frenectomy to make life easier. You won’t have as many problems breastfeeding and your little one will get essential nourishment. Don’t ignore a problem that can be so easily corrected. An infant frenectomy will involve a short visit to the office. A quick laser session later, you will be able to say goodbye to that tongue-tie that has been so aggravating for you and your child.

Talk to Your Pediatrician About an Infant Frenectomy

If you have concerns about your baby’s tongue-tie, talk to your child’s pediatrician. Come in for an evaluation. At Ashburn Children’s Dentistry, we will be able to determine if a tongue-tie is the root of the problem. If a tongue-tie is hindering your baby’s ability to feed, an infant frenectomy can be advised. Thanks to advances in technology, a laser procedure means that your infant will have a positive experience. The procedure won’t even require sedation. Learn more about an infant frenectomy and how it can help your child today. Contact our office in Ashburn to schedule your consultation.


We were dealing with a child that was growing more and more frustrated in his body due to being born with a tongue-tie/high palate. He depended on the pacifier and bottle to soothe himself and this only furthered his dental issues. He had a significant speech delay and pronunciation problems, which caused the frustration he felt to grow when interacting with the world. We were directed to Dr. Lynda through this emergency but it is not why we still see her.
Our family osteopath encouraged us to seek out a pediatric dentist like Dr. Lynda.
He is thriving now that he has healed and he still has all of his teeth. Dr. Lynda gave that to us.
My son’s speech and mental capacity have greatly improved through laser treatment. He still could not fully recite the ABCs recently, but after one of the laser treatments, he sang them nearly perfectly as we were pulling out of the office parking lot.

Christina K.

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