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What Are The Benefits of Dental Hygiene?

You know your children have to brush their teeth everyday, however, that is only one part of good oral hygiene. If you are going to reap the full benefits of dental hygiene, your child needs to do more than brush when they get up in the morning and gets ready for bed at night. You can also help them floss every night to make sure they are getting those areas that are so difficult to clean between. Rinsing with mouthwash at night and in the morning is another step your child can take to get rid of germs and bacteria in their mouth. Learn more about the benefits of dental hygiene below.

Our Dental Hygienist Can Do More for Your Child’s Teeth

In addition to what you and your children do at home to take care of their teeth, they should also see a dental hygienist twice a year. This will give them the opportunity to have their teeth thoroughly cleaned by an expert. Our dental hygienist has special tools that can remove any plaque or tartar that is there. Flossing and rinsing is a part of the routine as well. Our dental hygienist may take x-rays to look for cavities. Your child will be given advice about what they need to do to keep their teeth in good shape. Expect the dentist to check in as well to make sure your child’s teeth and gums look good. If there is a problem, our dental professionals will catch it. The sooner you take care of any issues with their teeth, the better.

Why Commit to Good Dental Hygiene?

When you make conscientious efforts to take care of your child’s teeth at home, you are doing your part to make sure their teeth last. Team up with our dentist and dental hygienist for an expert’s opinion about your child’s teeth. You’re all working together to make sure they don’t have gum disease or any other kinds of detrimental damage. You can do your part to reduce your risk of your child experiencing serious health problems by simply making dental hygiene a priority.

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Don’t procrastinate about that visit to the dental hygienist. It will only take a short amount of time out of you and your child’s day. The professionals at Ashburn Children’s Dentistry in Ashburn, VA would be more than happy to discuss your child’s dental hygiene with you. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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