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WaterLase for Canker Sore Treatment

If you are the victim of canker sores, you know how agonizing they can be. When these lesions form inside your mouth, they can make you want to cry. You know you’re in for about two weeks of torture as you let nature take its course.

When it comes to anything you can do on your own, nothing will make them go away. Every time your tongue skims over that painful sore or the food you eat touches it, it can seem like your mouth is on fire. If you find yourself developing another canker sore, take a deep breath. WaterLase® could help you.

What is WaterLase®?

This is a type of laser that is used for dental procedures. It is intended for treatment of soft tissues. When this carefully-controlled beam of light is directed at your canker sores, you don’t have to worry about pain or the need for anesthesia. That means no shots in your mouth. When applied to your canker sores, the WaterLase® device speeds up the healing process so you can find relief.

What to Expect with Treatment

The next time you feel the onset of a canker sore, visit our office before the sore erupts, if at all possible. During an appointment, the laser will be directed at the sore. The laser energy will jumpstart the healing process. If that sore didn’t erupt, it might not ever erupt. For sores that have progressed further, WaterLase® can still help you. As soon as you leave, you should be able to feel the difference.

Things to Remember About Canker Sores

Your canker sores could be due to a number of factors. Stress, a lack of vitamins and poor nutrition can play a role in the development of these sores. You could also have a problem with your immune system. The foods that you eat, especially acidic fruits and vegetables, could trigger an outbreak of canker sores.

Pay attention to your oral health. Keep a journal when canker sores appear. You may see a pattern. You can make changes in your lifestyle that could help you to reduce the occurrence of these pesky problems. When your efforts fail or the situation is beyond your control, WaterLase® can make a difference.

Ask About WaterLase® Today

Be prepared the next time a canker sore gets ready to bother you. Call Ashburn Children’s Dentistry and ask about WaterLase®. Take the opportunity to come to our office in Ashburn and have your sores evaluated. Learn more about the WaterLase® laser and how it can help you. It’s your mouth and your peace of mind that are on the line. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to learn more about how WaterLase® can help your mouth to feel better.

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