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What Are the Sedation Dentistry Options Available in Ashburn?

Are you putting off taking your child to the dentist out of anxiety or fear of what they will have to endure to fix the problem? Your fears and anxieties can be managed with the help of sedation dentistry. Dental problems will not go away by themselves and will only worsen over time. Sedation dentistry will help your child enter our dental office in Ashburn with the knowledge that your child can get the treatment he or she needs without fear. Some sedation drugs will dull awareness and calm your little one down while being treated, while others diminish the level of awareness and reduce the ability to respond.

Here is a list to understand some of what is available and the methods used:

1) Nitrous oxide — Also called laughing gas, it is mixed with oxygen and administered through a face mask. The gas immediately relaxes your child and will stop as soon as the dentist takes away the mask. Nitrous oxide is safe for most people and has few side effects.

2) Intravenous sedation — This type of sedation is very good for prolonged dental procedures such as extractions. These drugs may include an anti-anxiety medication or a short-acting sedative. A pain-killing drug and a narcotic may also be combined with nitrous oxide and intravenous drugs.

3) Deeper sedation and general anesthesia — This type of sedation is usually used for surgical treatments on the jaw or mouth. However, it can be recommended for people with physical or mental disabilities that would interfere with the procedure such as patients who cannot control their movements, or for people whose fears and anxiety would make treatment impossible.

Approximately 40 million Americans prefer to avoid seeing a dentist out of fear and anxiety. Often their anxieties are exaggerated and may be controlled with the aid of sedation dentistry techniques at our office in Ashburn.

Ashburn Children’s Dentistry is proud to offer various types of sedation dentistry options. Contact us today to book an appointment for your child and lead them on their journey to achieving a healthy, beautiful smile!