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Restore a Natural Look to the Teeth with Tooth Colored Fillings

There are certain things that people can just expect to happen. Unfortunately, one of those things is tooth damage. But just because cavities and tooth decay are an expected part of life, it does not mean that a person needs to live with them.

The truth is that when a person has less-than-perfect teeth, regardless of their age, it has a powerful impact on how they feel about themselves, the social situations they allow themselves to get involved in and how they interact with other people. Fortunately, if your child has cavities, tooth colored fillings can restore a natural look to the teeth.

Tooth colored fillings are made of a composite resin and are designed to match perfectly with the patient’s teeth. These fillings contain no metal or mercury and are extremely safe for little ones and adults alike. They may be used to fill in cavities or to treat fractured teeth.

With tooth colored fillings, your child will likely forget that they even have them. They allow the damaged tooth to look and feel like a natural tooth, and the teeth with the fillings can be cared for in the same way that the natural teeth are cared for. Extra precautions need not be taken.

Many people take their teeth for granted. But you should never disregard the life-altering changes that come from having bad oral health as a child. Tooth decay and bad oral health can keep your child from enjoying a high quality of life. It can make your child want to hide their smile, negatively affecting their self-confidence as a result.

You may be wondering about metal fillings. Some will use gold, and some will use an amalgam. Both of these are bad options. They leave the teeth discolored and sensitive, and so while your child’s teeth may be structurally sound, their cosmetic appearance is less than desirable.

If you suspect that your child has a cavity or some other issue with their teeth, don’t just brush it off or hope that it will miraculously get better. Make an appointment at Ashburn Children’s Dentistry so that you can get all the facts about tooth colored fillings. This is a simple treatment that is performed in the comfort of our office in Ashburn. Tooth colored fillings can restore your child’s smile, encouraging them to live life to the fullest. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your little one!

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