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Reasons to Seek Sedation Dentistry in Ashburn

For some people, visiting the dentist is not one of their favorite things to do. The fear of the unknown can mean they put routine care off, and this only builds up the anxiety. Accessing sedation dentistry in Ashburn at Ashburn Children’s Dentistry is one way to take the fear out of dental work for your little one. Choosing to use sedation dentistry for yourself or a child provides a less stressful dental experience. Patients turn to sedation to support routine care, ease fears or to even save time. Explore these reasons to seek sedation during your child’s dental treatments.

Allows Multiple Procedures at Once

Instead of having to go to the dentist several times to tackle fillings or other treatments, sedation can help patients combine procedures into one visit. Under the comfort of a more relaxed state, patients can undergo longer appointments that address everything at once. Without sedation, a more prolonged treatment appointment can be nearly impossible due to fatigue and other issues. Sedation allows the patient to relax and supports multiple fillings, root canals or implants.

Appointments Go Faster

When a patient uses sedation dentistry in Ashburn, it relaxes them and makes them ready to begin the treatment from the beginning of the appointment. Not only does this put the patient at ease, but it also allows the dentist to get right to work.  Being able to work quickly knowing the patient is relaxed and comfortable reduces the overall time of each procedure.

A Change in Perspective and Experience

Being able to relax or even nap all the way through a dental visit can help to change the way both adults and children view the dentist. Sedation dentistry in Ashburn can also be beneficial in creating a positive dental experience for children with sensory concerns.

The Solution for a Sensitive Gag Reflex

Patients with a sensitive gag reflex often find comfort in being fully relaxed for their treatments. Going through a dental visit without sedation can mean a higher level of discomfort and also anxiety. Sedation dentistry in Auburn can help ease this discomfort for your son or daughter.

Supports Routine and Preventative Care

Many assume that services like sedation dentistry in Auburn are only for major procedures, but this is not the case. Using certain types of sedation can also support cleanings, routine care and early treatment of dental problems.

Sedation dentistry in Ashburn is a tool that can create a positive dental experience for both children and adults. Consult the professional staff at Ashburn Children’s Dentistry in Ashburn to learn more. Contact us today to book an appointment for your child.

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