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Reasons for a Baby Root Canal

When a child starts to lose their baby teeth, it can be an exciting, nerve-racking, and sometimes unsure experience. A stubborn tooth can be a common problem, but a nerve treatment such as a baby root canal can be a necessary treatment to maintain the integrity and health of a baby tooth and the supporting gum tissue and bone. If you’re wondering if your child should have a baby root canal performed, here are some common reasons that the dental professionals at Ashburn Children’s Dentistry may recommend the procedure to parents.

What is a Baby Root Canal?

When a baby tooth has a deep cavity that affects the nerve, it will most likely need nerve treatment most commonly referred to as a baby root canal. This procedure involves removing part of the affected nerve and then placing a special material over it. After that, the tooth is covered with a crown (“cap”), which is a longer-lasting restoration for the tooth.

Is This Procedure Necessary?

The most commonly asked question about baby root canals is if they are really necessary or not. Since baby teeth are going to fall out, does treating a baby tooth with a root canal actually accomplish anything? In addition to providing pain relief to your child, a tooth can be effectively treated and saved with a baby root canal. Baby teeth are necessary to hold the space for the permanent tooth that is developing below it, and if a cavity is left untreated, the infection may also spread and affect the developing permanent tooth and gumline.

If your child has been exhibiting any of the following symptoms, it is recommended that you come to see our dentist as soon as possible:

Is the Experience Invasive?

While the experience of getting a baby root canal seems like it will be potentially traumatic for children, the fact is, these procedures are not as complicated as adult root canals.

If your child has been complaining of pain or sensitivity to extreme heat or cold, then it is recommended that you schedule an appointment with us at Ashburn Children’s Dentistry in Ashburn, VA sooner rather than later. Contact us today to book an appointment for your child.

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