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When Exactly is A Pulpotomy Needed?

Many people wrongly believe that baby teeth are not very important, since they will come out anyway, and the adult teeth are the only ones that need good dental care. However, the primary teeth need proper care so they do not develop serious issues such as an inflammation in the pulp chamber of the tooth. If this happens, a pulpotomy may be necessary to stop infection and save the tooth. It is important to keep the baby teeth until they are ready to fall out naturally because they protect the integrity of the jaw.

There are many benefits of pediatric dentistry for young children. Our dentists are trained to help young children have a good first experience when they visit our office. They teach good oral habits that may become rooted in childhood and have a positive impact for the rest of the child’s life. Our dentists are also trained to see problems in the making. They can monitor the adult teeth as they develop under the gum and begin to grow in to see if there are any future orthodontic problems.

A pulpotomy may be needed when a cavity caused by tooth decay goes deep and becomes close to the pulp chamber. It irritates the tissue, which becomes inflamed. This is what causes a toothache. If the tooth is not treated so that the infection is removed, it will become abscessed.

Pulpotomies have a good success rate. The best outcome is if the tooth is saved until it would naturally fall out. If the tooth has already abscessed, it cannot be saved. Even a small area of decay can reach the pulp quickly in baby teeth. A pulpotomy is also called a baby root canal, but it is not the same. For one thing, it does not touch the actual root canals.

During a consultation with our specialist at Ashburn Children’s Dentistry, you can learn more about pediatric dentistry and some of the signs that your child may require a pulpotomy. Your child may need professional help if he or she experiences:

Baby teeth or primary teeth generally appear at about six months. They are very important for chewing food properly for good nutrition, learning to speak and pronounce words correctly and holding a space in the jaw for the adult teeth. This is why it is good to visit our office in Ashburn around your child’s first birthday. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your little one!

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