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Make Pediatric Dentist Visits Easy with Sedation Dentistry

If you’ve taken your children to the dentist, then you know they can sometimes get anxious about being in the office and being around the equipment used in their mouths. An option to consider is sedation dentistry. Although it’s sometimes reserved for detailed procedures, such as fillings and extractions, it can be used to provide comfort until your child is accustomed to visiting the dentist.

There are a few different types of sedation dentistry for children. One is inhaled and is often through a small mask that is placed on the child’s nose. Your child will breathe in nitrous oxide to feel comfortable while in the office. Another option is IV sedation. The medication works quickly and makes your child feel drowsy so that the dentist can complete the work needed in your child’s mouth. Local anesthesia is an option as well. Keep in mind that your child will likely feel drowsy when you get home from the medications that are given in the office.

A benefit of sedation dentistry for children is that the dentist can complete the work needed in the mouth in a timely manner. Many children think that dental procedures will be uncomfortable or that they will hurt. With sedation, your child will be able to enjoy being at the dentist because there won’t be any discomfort involved. Your child won’t realize that anesthetics are injected in the mouth so that dental procedures can be performed. This is beneficial if your child has a fear of needles of any kind as the sedation medications will usually keep your child from noticing that an injection is being made.

While your child is sedated, it allows for a better quality of treatment from the dentist. There won’t be a need to stop and let your child relax every few minutes, allowing the dentist to do the work that is needed so that your child can go home and rest or play. Sedation makes it easier for younger children to sit still while they are at the dentist. It’s also beneficial for children who need extensive work done in the mouth that could take a few hours to complete.

To learn more about sedation dentistry so that your child can have an enjoyable experience and want to go back to the office for continued oral health, feel free to make an appointment with Ashburn Children’s Dentistry! At our office in Ashburn, VA, our caring and experienced professionals will be happy to explain the benefits of this option and help you decide which choice is right for your child. Contact us today to set up your consultation!

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