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Laser Dentistry: Take a Look at What We Offer!

The last couple decades have seen the medical world reinvented by the use of lasers during surgery. Dentistry is no different. A laser allows our dentist to be more precise. It allows her to be quicker. Most importantly of all, it provides better results to the patient. You will find everything you need to know on laser dentistry when you and your little one visit our office in Ashburn.

What is Laser Dentistry?

If it can be performed with standard tools, chances are it can be performed by a laser. However, laser dentistry is best at addressing issues with the gums rather than the teeth. A laser can even be used to expose hidden wisdom teeth. Lasers can also be used for fillings, frenectomy, canker sores, and soft tissue surgery.

The Ins and Outs

An appointment for laser dentistry isn’t much different than a normal visit to the dentist. Like a normal appointment to the dentist, the team will make sure to do everything we can do make your child feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

What Type of Laser is Used?

There are different types of lasers used in laser dentistry. Typically, a hard tissue laser is used on the teeth; the gums are the targets of the soft tissue laser. No matter which laser is used, it will be more effective and less invasive than older methods.

Benefits Over Other Methods

Bleeding is much more prominent with a drill than a laser. Your child will be less likely to require additional procedures with laser surgery because lasers are much more accurate. The laser also acts as a disinfectant, sterilizing the area while it does its job. The healing time is also much shorter with laser dentistry.

Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us at Ashburn Children’s Dentistry to learn more about how laser dentistry can help your child. Laser dentistry may be the answer for his or her oral problems. Contact us today to book a dental appointment at our office in Ashburn.

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