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Keeping Teeth and Gums Healthy with Regular Dental Check-Ups

When you look in the mirror, one of the first things that you notice about yourself is your teeth. It is the same everywhere you go. With everyone you meet, their smiles are one of their most noticeable features. It’s your calling card to the world that opens doors of opportunity and helps to break the ice. It only makes good sense that you want your child to take care of his or her teeth and gums as well. Regular dental check-ups at our office can give your child a reason to flash those pearly whites for a long time.

It’s About More Than Looks

When you schedule regular dental check-ups for your child, you’re likely to schedule cleanings as well in order to keep the teeth in tiptop shape. However, visits to our office are about more than looking good. While the goal is to have a beautiful set of teeth, you need to make sure that they are healthy teeth. Beyond the teeth, our dentist will also focus on your child’s gum health. If the gums are in trouble, it can lead to major problems with the teeth, including decay and loss of teeth. Our dentist looks at the whole picture to understand what is going on inside your child’s mouth.

Catch Small Problems Before They Become Big Issues

When your child sees our dentist on a regular basis, the main goal is to ensure that his or her oral hygiene regimen is working in order to keep the teeth strong. However, our dentist is also looking for any problems, such as cavities. When issues are caught early, our dental team can be proactive. The issues can be handled appropriately before your child ends up with costly repairs or major damage in the mouth.

Keep Your Children’s Teeth in Their Golden Years

You want your teeth to last for a long time, avoiding the need for false teeth. The same holds true for your child. With proper care and teamwork with our experienced dentist, your child can keep his or her original set of teeth well into old age. When the teeth are healthy, your child may actually avoid other issues that have been linked to poor oral health. Heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease have actually been connected to patients with major oral concerns. When your child maintains strong, healthy teeth and follows a healthy lifestyle, you may find that he or she is at less of a risk of having a heart-related problem.

Learn More About the Benefits of Regular Dental Check-Ups

Whether your little one has been avoiding the dentist or he or she simply hasn’t been in a while, it’s time to find out why dental check-ups are a must. Make an appointment at Ashburn Children’s Dentistry to discuss your child’s oral health. Our dentist will evaluate the teeth, determine any treatment that is necessary and likely schedule the next routine visit. Once you are on top of the condition of your child’s teeth, future visits should be routine. Our office is located in Ashburn. Contact us today to schedule a check-up for your child.

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