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How Your Child’s Overall Health is Connected to Their Teeth

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The dental health of your children is vital to their overall well-being. In the midst of a busy, full schedule, unless your child has tooth pain or other dental issues, it may seem like dental appointments and routines should fall to the bottom of the priority list. Nothing could be further from the truth. What if you discovered that the overall health of your child starts with their teeth? The truth is teeth are at the root of many childhood illnesses. Oral health can have a direct impact on your child’s overall health.

It’s important that you find a pediatric dentist who cares about your child’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being. An expert children’s dentist will help your child to implement good hygiene habits at home, and will want to see your child thrive in every setting. The American Dental Association (ADA) and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPA) both recommend that you schedule your child’s first dental appointment within six months of their first tooth. Choosing healthy staples for your child’s diet and setting a regularly scheduled dental routine may make a positive difference in their success socially, academically, and in fitness activities.  

Healthy teeth and preventive dental care can help a child to live a better life. 

Let’s take a look at some of the childhood illnesses caused by bad teeth, the causes of poor dental health, and the impact of dental health on a child’s academics, activities, and social life. 

Childhood illnesses caused by bad teeth

Did you know that scientists have found a direct correlation between dental health and childhood diseases and conditions? Untreated tooth issues and poor dental hygiene can lead to a long list of issues. Some of the childhood conditions that stem from cavities (tooth decay) and other symptoms of poor dental health can include:

These are just some of the conditions caused by untreated teeth issues and poor dental health. In addition, your child’s social, academic, and fitness levels may be impacted by their teeth.

Impact of teeth on social, academic, and fitness success

Along with causing illness, poor dental health in children can also adversely impact other facets of their lives. A child with bad teeth may feel anxiety and stay away from their peers as they don’t want to be the target of bullying. They may also feel self-conscious about their appearance and develop social awkwardness. Due to pain and illness related to dental health, a child may accrue school absences, thereby keeping them away from their peers. 

Studies by the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) have shown that kids with learning disabilities are more apt to suffer from poor dental health. The studies also state that those with learning disabilities often suffer from:

Learning disabilities can cause a child to fall behind in their classwork, and a CDC study shows that kids with cavities prove more likely to receive poor grades and miss more school days than children with good dental health. A child  who feels self-conscious, doesn’t fit in with their peers, misses school, and receives poor grades is also less likely to take part in extracurricular activities (including sports) than their peers with healthy teeth. It’s hard enough to be a kid without the added pressure of dental anxiety.

Preventive measures to protect your child’s overall health

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The good news is, there are myriad preventative measures that you can instill in your child’s daily routine to help stave off severe health issues down the road. By integrating easy steps into your child’s hygienic habits, they may enjoy better health and overall success. Here are a few ways to improve your child’s dental health:

 The right dentist can help you set your child on the path to overall health.  

At Ashburn Children’s Dentistry, we have been growing healthy faces for over 16 years. We believe that teeth health can have a huge impact on children’s overall well being — physically, socially, and academically. We aim to diagnose and resolve the root of any dental issue, rather than treat the symptoms alone. Contact us for a virtual consultation today.


Your reputation with moms that I knew is why we decided to work with you, all the feedback we heard was positive and was the experience I wanted for my daughter – I wanted an answer instead of a band-aid.

I find it is hard to find providers that actually listen to the child and take what they are saying into consideration and I have always felt you excel in that area and I am grateful. I feel like you care for my daughter the way I want all providers to care for her instead of her just being another person through the door.

My daughter’s life has forever been changed! I don’t say that lightly-the changes I have seen in her are much more than just maturing with growing. She became more confident with her speech, her sleeping is better, she is rarely sick and she voices what she needs more. I know that she will be a healthier, happier adult because of the work that is being done now.

Murri B.

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