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Correct Tongue-Ties with Laser Infant Frenectomy

Your newborn baby is your greatest gift, and you cherish every moment you share together. You want only the best for your infant and to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your baby is healthy and strong. You never expected your child to have a tongue-tie.

A tongue-tie happens to as many as 10% of little ones that are born each year. It occurs when there is too much webbing of the tissue that connects the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. While you may not notice anything different when you look at your baby, a tongue-tie can make it difficult for bottle feeding and nursing. It can also pose a greater risk of a speech disability and other dental problems when your child is older. If you are concerned about the effects of a tongue-tie on your baby, a laser infant frenectomy procedure could be the answer.

Understanding Laser Infant Frenectomy

Laser infant frenectomy is a simple procedure that takes place in our dental office. This outpatient laser surgery uses a special laser device to separate the connective tissue beneath the tongue that is known as the frenulum.

This laser procedure has many benefits over traditional, surgical methods. There is hardly any or no bleeding because the laser cauterizes the tissue during the detachment. The heat of the laser is also effective in destroying bacteria in your baby’s mouth, eliminating the risk of infection. You can expect precise and thorough results. Your baby’s tongue-tie will be completely taken care of, making feeding much easier on your child and you.

What to Expect After Laser Infant Frenectomy

Children’s Tylenol can be used for a few days after the procedure to ensure your baby is comfortable. Continue to feed your little one regularly, give your child plenty of attention and follow the dosing instructions for Children’s Tylenol to relieve any discomfort. You’ll find that feeding your infant will go much more smoothly.

Ask Our Dentist About Laser Infant Frenectomy

If you have noticed that your little one has a tongue-tie and it’s getting in the way, don’t hesitate to do something about it. The sooner you get it taken care of, the sooner your baby will be on the way to easy nursing without any problems. You’ll also stave off complications in the future.

Make an appointment at Ashburn Children’s Dentistry in Ashburn to discuss laser infant frenectomy with one of our dentists. After a quick evaluation, our dentist will be able to move forward to help your infant get rid of that tongue-tie once and for all. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your child.


Before we came to you, we went to our local dentist about Luke’s ties and open mouth posture. They brushed it off and weren’t concerned. We may not have seen such improvement orally and developmentally had we not chosen to come see you.

Sarah K.

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