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A Closer Look at Laser Dentistry

A laser is a beam of energy that’s part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Compared to microwaves and radio waves, laser waves carry much more energy. The highly concentrated power of a laser is extremely useful for medical, dental, industrial and other applications. The frequency of a given electromagnetic wave ultimately determines the magnitude of the energy. Therefore, some of the most powerful lasers are rated at relatively high frequencies and other standardized parameters, such as watts. Using precise instruments, it’s possible to generate a laser that’s optimized for vaporizing soft tissue in the human body. For example, using laser dentistry, a beam of a particular frequency might be powerful enough to instantly cauterize the gums and other tissue inside the mouth. Some of the most sophisticated tools are even capable of penetrating through enamel and other substances that are naturally hard in texture.

Applications of Laser Dentistry

Our pediatric dentist can use a laser to precisely remove gums that are inflamed, damaged or distorted. Patients with gingivitis and other similar problems might benefit greatly from this type of technology. A laser can be used to perform a variety of pediatric dentistry procedures. Bleeding rarely occurs because there is no physical contact between any instruments and the gums. By contrast, a traditional dental blade causes significant bleeding of the gums and other fragile tissue inside the mouth.

Laser dentistry can be used at our office in Ashburn for a variety of tasks, including fillings, frenectomy, soft tissue procedures, and in the treatment of canker sores. Of course, laser technology doesn’t solve all of the hassles and nuisances of conventional methods that might be painful and uncomfortable for most patients. A dentist can’t use this technology to reshape a tooth that already has large fillings. Overall, however, laser dentistry is a great tool for professional dentists who want to offer alternative treatment options.

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