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Cavity Prevention Tips for Kids

As most medical professionals will tell you, teeth are one of the most important features to a developing child. Healthy teeth encourage smiling, thoroughly chewing food in preparation for digestion, and other benefits. These things work to make your child as bright and healthy as he or she should be. The challenge with a child’s teeth isn’t the fact that dental care is difficult or that oral health requires special, hard-to-use tools; the challenge is teaching your child to routinely perform certain things while knowing the signs of a cavity and other dental problems. Below are some tips that will help keep your child’s teeth free from cavities.

Tip #1: Make Brushing a Routine

You likely know just how easy it is to skip brushing your teeth. You also may know how costly it can be to do so on a regular basis. By teaching your child to regularly brush his or her teeth, you’ll help to keep dental work to a minimum while teaching your child how to keep the mouth clean and healthy.

Tip #2: Teach Proper Technique

Another pitfall that some parents forget is that improper brushing technique can be devastating. You can miss plaque on your teeth, hurt your gums, and provide an additional source of wear upon the enamel of your teeth.

That’s why you should teach your child to brush properly. Make sure he or she applies the right amount of pressure with a soft toothbrush while brushing with wide strokes. Ensure that your child brushes two to three times a day.

Tip #3: Avoid Acidic and Sugary Foods

One of the quickest ways to wear the enamel of your teeth down is to consume large amounts of sugary and acidic foods. Things like soda and candy are among the worst offenders given the way that they foster tooth decay. By teaching your child to avoid these, your child may also be more able to avoid the tooth decay that often accompanies these foods.

Tip #4: Facilitate Flossing

Flossing is an essential part of ridding your mouth of food particles and plaque. It reaches the places that a toothbrush cannot. Ensure that your child knows how to floss and has access to some flossing string. You may wish to provide him or her with flossing picks due to the convenience and safety that they provide for children.

Tip #5: Communicate with Your Child

Another major thing to keep in mind is that not all cavities can be avoided. Communication with your child will make it possible to detect the early signs of dental decay, which in turn can make something that would require a root canal into something as simple as a small filling. Communication with your child concerning dental issues is the key to preventing a cavity or other dental issue from appearing or getting worse.

Keeping Your Child’s Teeth in Tip-Top Shape

While proper oral hygiene can significantly reduce the instance of cavities, dental decay is something that can still happen. That’s why the most important thing you can do for your child aside from these tips is to regularly take him or her to the dentist.

Routine checkups at Ashburn Children’s Dentistry will make it possible to prevent smaller issues from becoming worse. Things like worn enamel and bruxism can all be diagnosed and treated before they cause painful problems. Contact us today to book a dental appointment at our office in Ashburn. We look forward to meeting you and your child!

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