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Benefits of Sedation Dentistry for Children in Ashburn

Sedation dentistry has been used for years to keep patients comfortable while at the dentist. However, in recent years, it has become more popular for patients of all ages who deal with anxiety about visiting the dentist. In fact, up to 15 percent of Americans do not go to the dentist simply because they are frightened. Without good oral care though, people in Ashburn may find themselves with cavities and other oral concerns.

With sedation dentistry, we can help all sorts of patients get the great dental care they need without any anxiety. This is especially true for children who may be particularly scared of going to the dentist and who often have phobias of the instruments that we use. If you are wondering about sedation dentistry for your child, we’ll clue you in to some of the many benefits of this type of care.

It Keeps Children Calm and Relaxed

Of course, the biggest and most obvious benefit of pediatric sedation dentistry is that it keeps children calm. When you are relaxed, you can open your mouth better, will not pull back during treatments and will experience better service. The same is true for your child.

It Gives Children a Good Dental Experience

Relaxed dental appointments lead to positive dental experiences overall. Children will leave our office feeling happy and will build good relationships with our practitioners.

It Allows Treatments to Be Done Quickly

When the child is relaxed and not fighting against the treatment, he or she will be able to receive faster care than normal. This will allow our dentists to perform more treatments in a shorter period of time, potentially allowing your child to get all treatments out of the way in one day rather than having to return with your child for a future appointment.

It Erases Potentially Anxious Memories

When children have negative experiences at the dentist, they are quite likely to equate dental care with bad times. As adults, this can make them less likely to return to their dentists for regular checkups, which will make them more likely to have cavities, gum disease, and other oral concerns.

It Can Improve Oral Health

Regular dental care is well-known for improving oral health overall. It helps individuals in Ashburn keep their own teeth, avoid fillings and have white, strong, healthy teeth. This must start in childhood, however.

At Ashburn Children’s Dentistry in Ashburn, we seek to keep your kid’s dental appointments calm and friendly with sedation dentistry. Contact us today to book an appointment for your child!