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Baby Root Canal: Before and After Recovery

As cliché as it may sound, as parents, we naturally want the best for our children, great oral health included. That said, what if your child needs a root canal? Yes, there are instances where it is necessary for a child to have this procedure done, and in this article, we will detail a few points relative to safety, efficacy, and necessity of a baby root canal.

What Is A Baby Root Canal

Before we delve into why a child may need to have a root canal, especially a toddler, let’s take a moment to first understand what a baby root canal actually is. Similar to adult teeth, baby teeth can develop deep cavities that, if untreated, can affect part of the nerve, triggering significant pain. If this becomes the case, the treatment entails removing the affected nerve/pulp and covering the tooth with a crown, which, in turn, produces a long-lasting tooth restoration for the child.

Are Root Canals Necessary For Toddlers?

Obviously, some people may argue that baby teeth will ultimately fall out, giving way to a permanent tooth. So what’s the point? Well, the baby tooth acts as a placeholder for the permanent tooth that is growing beneath it. To ensure that the permanent tooth grows in straight and is perfectly seated with adjacent teeth, the baby tooth must remain in place. However, if the baby tooth is infected or has deep dental caries, a baby crown is the best was to not only preserve the tooth but also remediate any pain that it may be causing the child.

is A Root Canal Safe For Children?

Assuming the procedure is done correctly, a baby root canal is just as safe as an adult root canal. Several studies have shown the procedure to be highly effective and compatible with the body and, most importantly, does not place the child in any danger. What happens if a root canal is not done? Well, if the procedure is truly needed, there are a number of downsides to forgoing it. For example, the pain caused by the tooth could alter your child’s eating habits and could cause an infection that, in extreme cases, could require hospitalization.

Advice For Parents

As a parent, it is only natural to have some trepidations when it comes to something so, seemingly, serious; however, as previously noted, the procedure itself is safe. In fact, a baby root canal is typically less complicated than an adult one and can usually be done in one single visit to a pediatric dentist. Before the procedure gets underway, you’re encouraged to ask as many questions as possible to help assuage any feelings of anxiety you may be experiencing.

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